PALM COAST, Fla. – Drawing rave reviews after the show and from patrons sharing their commemorative photos online, The Texas Tenors lit up the night after a stop at the Fitzgerald Performing Arts Center, with their impressive 15th anniversary tour on Wednesday evening.

A little more than a week into their winter stay in Florida, Jerry and Judy Schmidt spotted the show and decided to make an evening of it.

“We live in New York. We are snowbirds, so we’ve only been here 10 days. We come down for the winter, saw this concert coming up and thought, why not? Looks like three guys who can sing really well. Turns out that they were three guys who can sing really, really well,” said Schmidt.

Expecting a pretty good show, they were more than impressed with the caliber of performance from the trio of stars.

“I was very impressed with their selection of music and very impressed with the different styles they managed to show us and I was also very impressed with the way they were able to be solo singers and ensemble singers at the same time and do both very well,” he said.

Out for a night with gal pals Joane DeMarco and Shelia Striffler, Linda Marhan was starstruck by the depth of feeling she experienced as The Texas Tenors effortlessly moved through 15 years of musical arrangements.

“I had to tell my friends that I believed they were singing directly to me,” teased Mahran. “No one else in the audience, it was to me. Of course, my friends said no, no, it was to them.”

Audience members could be seen wiping their eyes during the Italian arias and a breathtaking rendition of The Phantom of the Opera’s ‘The Music of the Night’.

“It was beautiful music, enchanting. Their voices, hit you right in the heart. They really do. I couldn’t take my eyes off of them the whole time,” she said.

Talking with patrons after the show, Fitzgerald Performing Arts Center Director Amelia Fulmer was pleased with the audience feedback.

“I had seen them before but they had so many new songs and so put together,” said Fulmer. “He was pretty close to Robert Goulet with ‘Some Enchanted Evening’.”

“Tonight they used the piano a lot which makes it a lot more intimate and a lot more emotional. I felt myself just closing my eyes and soaking in the music. Everybody seemed to enjoy it very much. We’re just so fortunate to have them back again,” she said of the three-time Emmy Award winners.

The Texas Tenors ushered in what is set to be a powerful lineup of spring shows that include the upcoming Whitney Houston tribute “The Greatest Love of All” on January 20th with international touring star Belinda Davids as the beloved songstress.

“You do not want to miss this show. I went to see her last year in Fort Lauderdale and I know first hand she will absolutely blow you away,” gushed Fulmer with excitement.

“This show is not just vocals. This is a produced show so we’re bringing a lot of extra equipment, a lot of extra lights, a lot of really spectacular things. Belinda is from South Africa so how many times is she going to come to the U.S.? You should come not just because you love Whitney Houston, but because you love a good show. She really brings it. She changes clothes four or five times and she really brings the sparkle. Everything you want a big show to be.”


By Danielle Anderson ,