‘We’re just like every other guy out there that has a dream’

Posted On:01.14.2015

Texas Tenors, who will perform Thursday at the Sandusky State Theatre, strive to inspire audiences.

By: Aaron Krause –   The Texas Tenors are like you.

“We’re three regular guys, three family men working together to support family” and pursue the American Dream, said Marcus Collins, 1/3 of the world renown threesome. “We’re just like every other guy out there that has a dream.”

One of the group’s latest albums, “You Should Dream,” is “exactly what our group stands for,” said Collins, who, along with his fellow tenors, will play the Sandusky State Theatre at 7:30 p.m. Thursday.

(NOTE: Congratulations to Kathy Steffanni, who won a pair of tickets to the show through a drawing exclusively for Norwalk Reflector Advantage members.)

Collins, who began singing at age 4 and took no vocal training until college, said the Texas Tenors want people to see them on-stage, note their success and say “maybe I could do that to because they’re just like me.”

The singing and performing trio had a dream, but they “just happened to have ours realized,” Collins said during a telephone interview Friday. He added they were in the right place at the right time.

On ‘America’s Got Talent’

Five years ago, they found themselves the center of the attention of more than 100 million people from around the world, who tuned in to watch them on “America’s Got Talent.”

On that show, they became the No. 1 vocal group in the show’s history.

What did judges see to shower them with such praise?

“We were just ourselves and people identified with us,” said Collins, who reiterated his previous comments about himself, J.C. Fisher and John Hagen being regular, family guys pursuing the American Dream.

Musically, Collins said The Texas Tenors — all classically-trained — are “a little bit different than other tenor groups.” He said while many groups sing strictly classical music, they have a countrymusic background and their repertoire includes a variety of musical genres.

“This charismatic and talented trio smoothly blends great music from the worlds of country, classical, gospel and Broadway,” according to publicity material.

Building up ‘from nothing’

Collins said many other musical groups are assembled through a record label or management team.

“We built the group from nothing to what it is today,” he said.

Sixteen years ago, Collins and Fisher met on a cruise ship, while Fisher and Hagen met through construction work.

They realized they shared a love of music and Fisher came up with the idea to form a group to appear on “America’s Got Talent.”

They “never looked back,” according to press material.

Since then, The Texas Tenors have performed more than 700 concerts with major symphony orchestras in the United States and internationally, including a 24-city tour in the United Kingdom and China.

During The Tenors’ first PBS special, “You Should Dream” the trio performed with the Phoenix Symphony Orchestra. In that special, the Texas Tenors “bring their own signature blend of breathtaking vocals, humor, harmony and cowboy charm which garnered three Emmy Awards.”

On the 2014 year-end billboard charts, the Texas Tenors are No. 10 among the classical artists in the world.

“We’re just so proud to be on that list,” Collins said.

So what can audience members expect during Thursday’s performance?

Patrons should expect a fun, inspirational and interactive night, Collins said.

Audience members get to know the Texas Tenors and the men get to know their audience, Collins said.

“The audience is very much a part of the show,” he said, adding the Tenors sing to the audience and tell them stories.

“I enjoy the interaction with the audience, that’s one of my favorite things,” Collins said.

What does Collins, who’s also an actor, enjoy about performing?

“There’s just something about the performance that gives me joy,” Collins said. “I love seeing people moved by music.”

The Texas Tenors have performed numerous times in Ohio.

“The people (in Ohio) love the music and there’s such a sense of patriotism and love of country and love of great music no matter what the genre,” Collins said.



Who: Texas Tenors
When: 7:30 p.m. Jan. 15
Where: Sandusky State Theatre, 107 Columbus Ave.
Tickets: $30 and $60
Info: 419-626-1950, 877-626-1950 or SanduskyState.com
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