Posted On:02.14.2013

NEW YORK, NEW YORK —  To honor our Founding Fathers and their strong patriotic spirit, as well as the veterans preserving our freedom, The Texas Tenors will be digitally releasing an all new version of their single, “God Bless the USA” on President’s Day, February 18, 2013.  Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the original hit, this digital single is from their forthcoming album “You Should Dream” being released in the fourth quarter of this year.  “God Bless the USA” can be downloaded at dpp.58a.myftpupload.com, CDBaby.com, iTunes and Amazon.

Over 100 million people from around the world tuned in to NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” in 2009 to see three smokin’ hot cowboys known as The Texas Tenors become the highest-ranking vocal group in the history of the show. From Alabama to Puccini, The Texas Tenors bring their unique blend of Country, Gospel, Classical and Broadway to the stage.

With breathtaking vocals, humor and charm The Texas Tenors have been touring non-stop nationally and internationally for the past three years and have been awarded Critics Choice Group of the Year in Branson, Missouri at The Starlite Theatre for two years in a row.

In addition, The Texas Tenors’ debut album “Country Roots-Classical Sound” has the distinction of being the only independent album to be #1 on both the Country and Classical charts. And, in the fourth quarter of 2013 The Texas Tenors will release their second album, “You Should Dream” produced by Simon Cowell’s Grammy and Academy Award nominated musical director Nigel Wright.


The Texas Tenors Tour and Media Dates include:

February 16 Ft. Worth, TX Ft. Worth Convention Center

February 18 New York City, NY Fox & Friends, Fox News Channel


February 19 New Your City, NY WLNY/WCBS, Live From the Couch

February 21 Greeley, CO Union Colony Civic Center

February 28Wichita, KS Century II Convention Hall, WSO, Wichita, KS

February 28 Nashville, TN Larry’s Country Diner, RFD Network & FamNet

March 9 Baytown, TX, BSO, Lee College

March 16 New York City, NY The Mike Huckabee Show, Fox News Channel

April 7 Phoenix, AZ Joe Foss Institute Gala

April 10 Shippensburg, PA Ric Luhrs

April 13 Jackson, MI Potter Center

April 20 Alto, NM Spencer Theater

April 13 Jackson, MI Potter Center

April 20 Alto, NM Spencer Theater