The Texas Tenors talk New York show, new book, CD, future plans

Posted On:01.12.2020| New York – Marcus Collins from The Texas Tenors chatted with Digital Journal about their upcoming show tomorrow at The Green Room 42 in New York, as well as their new book and CD.

Marcus Collins is affectionately known as “The Contemporary Tenor,” while JC Fisher is “The Romantic Tenor” and John Hagen is “The Tenor” respectively.

The Texas Tenors are the most successful music group and the third highest-selling artist in the history of America’s Got Talent.

On January 13, they will be playing The Green Room 42, which is located on the fourth floor of the Yotel Hotel in Manhattan. “We are excited,” he said. “We were just celebrating our 10th-anniversary tour. This is a much more intimate room and it’s exciting for us to play this venue. We will be doing a lot of the songs that people will expect from us and a few new songs as well.”

For more information on this show, check out The Green Room 42’s official website. “I hope everybody comes out that is in the area. It is going to be a show like they never seen,” he said. “We are really looking forward to it. What a great space.”

Marcus revealed that their new book, Moon’s on Fire accompanied by a CD, will be released later this month. “It is the sequel to our first book, Ruckus on the Ranch, and it’s about the harvest moon and it’s a cute story with beautiful illustrations. We have a new song with that called ‘The Cowboy Lullaby,’ which is really fun,” he said. “The CD comes with the new song and a page by page reading of the book. It’s a really cute book.”

He shared that his experience on America’s Got Talent: Champions was “awesome.” “Simon Cowell really liked us and we never performed in front of him before. It was really cool that he responded to us so well,” he said. “It was great to see everybody. It was almost like a reunion.”

Regarding their plans for 2020, he said, “We have over 120 shows on the calendar. We are working on a new record that will come out in the fall. We are also working on new songs for our new show in 2021, so we are staying busy as always. We are always on the go.”

On being artists in the digital age, Collins said, “We know how hard it is, and having a presence online and having everything digitally for people to stream is great since we are reaching all of the demographics. That is something that we never imagined, even in 2009, how important it would be now. It’s a challenge but we try to stay relevant online and on social media.”

To learn more about The Texas Tenors and their music, check out their official website and their Facebook page.

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