The Texas Tenors Delight Tulip Time Festival Crowd

Posted On:05.10.2018

HOLLAND (WHTC-AM/FM) — The crowd that nearly filled Central Wesleyan Church Thursday came from as near as Holland and as far as Texas itself, perhaps beyond. (See photo gallery.)

They all came to see The Texas Tenors — country singer JC Fisher, pop singer Marcus Collins and opera singer John Hagen — perform some of their Emmy winning music. The trio burst onto the music scene during the 2009 America’s Got Talent season. The Texas Tenors went on to earn three Emmys and film a Public Broadcasting System special.

On Thursday, the group performed — to wild appreciation from the crowd — everything from “God Bless the USA” to pop star Adele’s “Hello,” taking time to interact with audience members and making time to honor all the military in present as well as their families.

Rose Riggs arrived from Amarillo, Texas to visit family in Holland and was delighted by a chance to see The Texas Tenors — she’d only ever seen them on TV.

“It was wonderful. I just really did enjoy this,” she said afterward.

Meaghan Hendrickson of Holland had never heard of the group, but came at the invitation of her friend, Holland Township resident Diane McCrary.

“They do every kind of music,” Hendrickson enthused afterward. “I love them!”

McCrary, a long-time fan, had hoped to see the group’s show in Pennsylvania and felt disappointed when she couldn’t get there.

“When they came here, I was just thrilled,” she said, after Thursday’s concert, smiling widely while holding a bag with three Texas Tenors’ CDs she’d bought at the concert.

Jennison resident Sharon Brouwer has visited the Tulip Time Festival many times over the years, but made her first trip to a festival concert to see The Texas Tenors in person, after watching them on TV.

First-time Tulip Time visitors Larry and Judy Rammer of Sheboygan, WI, arrived on Monday afternoon and took in Windmill Gardens, biked around Holland’s tulip lanes, caught the Volksparade, spent time checking out Holland’s Eighth Street shops and drove out to see Veldheer Tulip Gardens, before heading over to Central Wesleyan Church for the concert.

In a word, they called the experience “great.”

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