The Texas Tenors Bring a Lone Star State of Singing to Lakeside

Posted On:06.28.2016

Sat 7/2 @ 8:15PM

There is some talk now about Texas seceding from the United States, in imitation of Great Britain voting to depart the European Union. In which case, better see the Texas Tenors in concert while you can, before they become nationals of a hostile foreign power and are banned from our shores (guess they can always defect and become the Ohio Tenors; depends how high the Wall that President Trump will build around Texas).

The three vocalists — John Hagen, Marcus Collins and JC Fisher — are breakout stars from the TV show America’s Got Talent (or should that soon be “The Remnants of America Has Got Talent?”). They harmonize in an appealing variety of genres, from classical opera to C&W music and folk to pop standards and, most recently, did a children’s CD.

Admission is $13.75 for adults, $8.75 for kids, for the all-ages show. The venue is pretty unique as well: Lakeside is a faith-based “Chautauqua” institute dating all the way back to 1873, and occupying every summer with a wide range of activities and visiting artists/educators, right on the shores of Lake Erie between Lorain and Sandusky.