Review: RSO Valentine’s Day concert warms heart and soul

Posted On:02.19.2016 | VONNIE Goss SPECIAL TO DAILY RECORD

Saturday evening, Feb. 13, was clear and unseasonably warm, which encouraged local music enthusiasts, in large numbers, to gather at Pearson Auditorium for the highly acclaimed appearance of The Texas Tenors in concert, with the Roswell Symphony Orchestra. Beginning with the usual stirring rendition of the National Anthem, Maestro John Farrer appeared with a rolled brim cowboy hat in honor of the night’s guest performers.

The crowd was obviously fans of both the RSO, and of The Texas Tenors, and they were loud with welcoming applause. The tenors, JC Hagen, John Fisher and Marcus Collins appeared in their western dress, and immediately launched into their delightful vocalizing.

With no regular formal program listing of featured songs and their composers, or which vocalist might be performing the work, it was obvious that attendees were meant to sit back, relax and enjoy a wide range of music. It must have been a challenge for members of the orchestra; however, they were up to the challenge and did a superb job under Farrer’s baton. There were country, western, patriotic, religious, and each number was a treat!

The Tenors presented a video of their winning appearance on “America’s Got Talent,” which started them on their extensive career, which has included honors in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Branson, Mo. They are individually trained professionals, each with a voice of wide range and excellent strength. They are blessed with the talent to enjoy interfacing with the audience to everyone’s delight. JC and John are a bit more on the serious side than is Marcus, who stole roses from a bouquet and was, in general, a smiling mischievous type of stage personality.

They honored veterans and their service to the country, by asking them to stand, and then asked those who were close to them, parents, wives, sweethearts, to all stand for acknowledgement. Later, the trio sang “God Bless the USA” while the audience waved small American flags. It was a moving moment for all.

At one point they informed attendees that the next number was the best known song throughout the English speaking countries of the world. They immediately began “Amazing Grace,” with each tenor singing one verse each of the song, and then joining together in the last verse.

They are capable and able to cover any eventuality — such as a misplaced piece of music. No panic, Marcus was given his pitch note and sang a bit of the song until the music was found.

They left the stage a couple of times to speak with members of the audience, sometimes bringing them onstage. They were as at home with the attendees as they were with each other. Marcus even selected this reviewer, who was in an aisle seat, for a small chat, and made a request for her to stand for a small dance down the aisle. Little did he know that my age and physical problems prevented me from doing so. I did promise other ladies not as fortunate as I to be noticed, that I would cover this happening in the review – so, the following info. is for them: Yes, he is just as enchanting up close as he is on the stage; his smile is always there; his eyes hold the same twinkle; his mischief is quite evident; any makeup was subtle; and NO, his hair was NOT stiff with hairspray, but rather was soft and silky.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, some love songs were featured such as “Just the Way You Are,” and the classic one usually reserved for formal weddings, “Because.”

As the concert drew to a close, The Texas Tenors launched into the Sinatra favorite, “I Did It My Way” as their finale. The applause was deafening as the audience stood and acknowledged The Texas Tenors, plus the RSO director, John Farrer, and all the members of the orchestra.