Q&A with ‘America’s Got Talent’ top 50 act The Texas Tenors

Posted On:07.19.2019

BAY VIEW — Bay View’s John M. Hall Auditorium will soon welcome the internationally touring singing group the Texas Tenors to its stage for a performance on Saturday.

The Texas Tenors are one of the most successful and highest-selling artists in the history of “America’s Got Talent” since appearing on the show in 2009. The classically trained singers have performed more than 1,300 concerts around the world, including headlining shows in Las Vegas, China and beyond.

Tickets for the upcoming performance can be purchased online at www.bayviewassociation.org/music-festival.

The Texas Tenors recently answered some questions for the News-Review about their group, successes and upcoming performance in Bay View.

PNR: What was it like being on “America’s Got Talent?” How has the group changed or taken on the success following that experience?

TT: It was such an honor being chosen as one of the top 50 acts from around the world to participate in “America’s Got Talent: The Champions.” We really enjoyed our return to the “AGT” stage and competing with international talent. “America’s Got Talent” has a great group of people involved, and it was fun working with them again. It was like a big family reunion.

PNR: With four studio albums, two PBS specials, multiple singles, a children’s book and more, has the group accomplished everything it’s wanted to?

TT: We are very grateful for all we have accomplished over the last 10 years and are hopeful there are many great opportunities ahead. We are always working on new music and ideas. Stay tuned!

PNR: Is touring the main thing the group is up to right now? It seems you have a busy schedule across the country this year.

TT: Yes, touring is our main focus right now. In the fall, we are embarking on our “10th anniversary Tour” celebrating music we have presented over the last 10 years and will be rolling out new tunes through the season.

PNR: Have you ever been to Michigan before? Have you been to Petoskey before?

TT: We have been to Michigan many times and love performing there. This will be our first performance in Petoskey.

PNR: Are you excited to be back in Michigan? Since it’s your first time in Petoskey, what are you personally excited about for being up here this time of year?

TT: We’re super excited this will be our first visit to the northern shores of Michigan. We know it’s beautiful and can’t wait to experience it ourselves.

PNR: How did you all decide on booking the date up here in Northern Michigan?

TT: We are always thankful for an opportunity to return to a specific city, as well as bring our music to a part of the country we haven’t visited. Our tour is booked by venues reaching out to us or our representatives and then piecing all of the travel together to get to as many cities as we can.

PNR: Since it’s your first time up this way, what can people expect out of your upcoming show?

TT: Our show features a collection of music that appeals to everyone. We are classically trained and enjoy singing all kinds of musical genres. We combine this presentation of our favorite music with a little humor and personal stories that let the audience get to know us. We also love singing patriotic music and celebrating our nation and its heroes.

PNR: How can you further explain your show for people that are planning on coming?

TT: If you’re coming to the show, you will journey with us through Broadway, pop, country, classical, original music and more.

PNR: Is there anything else you’d like Northern Michigan to know about you guys?

TT: It’s hard to believe we first appeared on “America’s Got Talent” 10 years ago, and have been traveling around the globe since. We’re very thankful for this success and never take it for granted. As long as folks want to hear us, we will hope to keep on singing and presenting our brand of positive and uplifting music. We really enjoy each other and feel blessed to do what we love. Thank you for supporting The Texas Tenors. We look forward to entertaining you on Saturday night.

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